Damien - "Every Dog Has Its Day" (CD)
  • Damien - "Every Dog Has Its Day" (CD)

Damien - "Every Dog Has Its Day" (CD)

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U.S. Metal aficionados know well how the great state of Ohio was prolific in excellent bands. These metal heroes from Toledo belong to that elite by their own right! Their first two albums ("Every Dog Has Its Day" from 1987 and "Stop This War" from 1989) are undoubtedly among the best albums of the 80's, when it comes to heavy / power metal made in North America. Deluxe CD edition limited to 500 copies, with 16-page booklet with lyrics, special liner notes and rare photos, bonus tracks and remastered sound. 

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Heavy/Power Metal | Lost Realm, 2021


1. Wolf Dreams

2. Possession

3. Serpents Rising

4. Give Me A Sign

5. Every Dog Has Its Day

6. World Affair

7. Season Of The Arrow

8. I Play For You

9. Glass City

10. Race To The End

11. Death March (bonus track)

12. Fight For Your Life (bonus track)